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Stuart Wilson, BSC CE
Having graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, and several years of experience on projects throughout other parts of the world, Stuart arrived in California in 1982 and embarked on a career in the construction industry. In that time, Stuart has developed a reputation as a leader in the commercial, retail, residential and civil construction markets. His expertise in these areas of construction serves as the cornerstone of Wilson DeLang Construction Group’s continued success.

Having recently achieved LEED accreditation, Stuart brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project he works on. His broad range of skills allows him to develop custom solutions to fit each client’s design and construction requirements.
J.R. DeLang
JR DeLang has a unique and distinguished career that spans over 3 decades in the TV, film and restaurant construction industries. His inherent leadership abilities and extensive experience has contributed to the success and growth of many projects, from the day-to-day operations of 20th Century Fox’s Los Angeles studio lot to the expansion of Restaurant Management Group’s extensive franchise holdings. His fiduciary skills serve as a key component in Wilson DeLang Construction Group’s growth and stability.

JR’s ability to develop solid strategies even in challenging situations brings success and stability to every project, regardless of size. Whether it’s the development of new space for an entertainment studio or the growth and expansion of a world-famous franchise, JR is a valuable asset on any project.
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