Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction
Having attained the LEED AP certification some years ago, Stuart has completed several LEED certified projects with Evans & Son, Inc. The experienced gained working with multiple Architects has allowed Stuart to experience differing approaches to sustainable construction.
Clients in today’s environment are very cogniscent of the impact that they have on our communities and environment. When the goal is LEED certification for a project the relationship between design team and client is never more critical to a project’s success. It is essential that a client receives proper counsel at the onset to ensure that the outcome is in everyone’s best interest both ecologically and financially.
Sustainability is an integral part of our business model, from our recycling efforts, purchasing of office supplies, encouraging use of electronic documentation, encouraging re-use of office equipment/furniture and a constant commitment to energy saving. We are committed to training our employees to think “green” as our small part in protecting our environment.
Our team can provide comparative cost analysis, an expected return on investment on “green” strategies, detailed budget & estimating, LEED management and a range of services leading up to acquiring building certification.

“Stuart, it is always fun working with you & Josh.”

David Correa, JLL Regional Manager

“David was taken from us way too early, it was always fun working with him to, and we all miss him so much.”

Stuart Wilson, Wilson DeLang Construction Group
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